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MATEAS LAWYERS is the legal partner of Mdtel, a leading provider of IT telecoms solutions for large corporate clients. MATEAS LAWYER legally powers Mdtel´s tool TargetWeb, allowing large corporate clients of this service to file a legal complaint for the incorrect billing of their telecommunications services. You may find all relevant details here.

MATEAS LAWYERS, an international law firm expert in telecommunications, regularly provides its telecommunications regulatory intelligence to a leading international Brussels based firm since 2007. These services cover telecommunications regulation, consumer protection, and spectrum issues in Spain and selected LATAM countries.

MATEAS LAWYERS, expert in providing legal services for the telecoms sector, assisted a Hong-Kong ISP with no establishment/operations in the EU to successfully launch Voice over IP and over the top (OTT) TV services in three EU countries by identifying the applicable regulatory conditions for these services and ensuring regulatory compliance.

MATEAS LAWYERS, international law firm expert in telecommunications, advised a leading convergent (fixed-mobile) operator in MENA to establish and defend its regulatory position as a LLU operator facing the rearrangement of the incumbent´s local copper access network (shortening of local loops associated to the introduction of VDSL2).

As a result the regulator mandated the incumbent operator to publish a sub-loop unbundling reference offer and a virtual unbundled local access offer subject to certain minimum content.

MATEAS LAWYERS, expert law firm in the field of telecommunications, identified the regulatory conditions for the launch of a specific valued added voice service in a basket of EU countries for a multinational provider of such services.

MATEAS LAWYERS, expert in the field of telecommunications including broadcasting transmission, conducted a study for Télévision de France (TDF), the French terrestrial broadcasting transmission operator, benchmarking broadcasting transmission regulation and other relevant regulatory issues in 15 EU countries to support submissions that this market should no longer be regulated in France.

The study was conducted in French and presented as an independent expert report to French telecommunications’ regulator Arcep, the French National Competition Authority (Autorité de la Concurrence) and the European Commission (Article 7 Task Force) in the context of the review and analysis of the French broadcasting transmission market.

MATEAS LAWYERS has defended the position of several wireless microphones distributors facing fines for allegedly breaching compliance rules for telecommunications terminal equipment and using frequencies not allowed by the national frequency plan.

MATEAS LAWYERS, expert in regulatory advice to telecommunications´ operators, has contributed to developing a MVNO regulated access framework in a EU country, and has assisted MVNOs in negotiations to obtain mobile access from host mobile network operators in the EU and LATAM. MATEAS LAWYERS provides on-going regulatory assistance to MVNOs.

Our client, an alternative provider of broadcasting transmission with its own regional network, had concluded contracts to offer a national service to several DTT multiplexes following the digital switchover. Therefore, the client needed access to the incumbent operator´s network to collocate its transmission equipment in order to offer national coverage, especially in the most critical areas like Madrid and Barcelona. Such access was de facto denied/delayed, and the regulatory framework at the time was insufficiently defined. In less than a year, MATEAS LAWYERS, international law firm expert in telecommunications regulation and competition law:

  • (i) successfully negotiated and signed the first national collocation agreement with the incumbent operator;
  • (ii) built a good and fluent relationship with the regulator, which was previously non-existent;
  • (iii) prioritized regulatory targets and took effective action for their timely implementation;
  • (iv) litigated and obliged the incumbent operator to provide non discriminatory access to essential network information, including confidential information on antennas´ coverage allowing for 100% overage replication; and
  • (v) obtained a re-definition of the regulatory framework, imposing more stringent and detailed obligations on the dominant operator to allow for alternative market entry at national level.

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