Get the best international, expert legal advice to achieve your goals


Nowadays E-commerce offers companies a straightforward way to internationalize their business. Get the best international expert legal advice to achieve this goal. Obtaining expert legal advice on your e-commerce operation is critical to achieve your goals.

Whether you are a company willing to set-up an E-shop, an E-commerce web developer or any other stakeholder in the E-commerce sector, you can rely on our services to:

  • Check compliance with all relevant rules and regulations, with our legal advisory services on e-commerce (including on data protection, cookies, consumer rights in contracts concluded at a distance) for the EU and selected LATAM countries (for other countries, please consult us)
  • Get advice on a wide range of legal issues arising from, e.g. data protection and privacy, e-commerce regulations, online sales, online payments, cloud computing, big data, electronic ID, consumer law, cross-border sales and disputes. Always with the experience and know-how of international lawyers, experts in e-commerce and the digital economy.

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