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Digital Economy

Beyond E-commerce, the new digital economy is at the basis of internet start-ups and also new collaborative business models that connect potential buyers (consumers) and service offerings online.

These new business models face many regulatory challenges that may compromise their success, and which mainly relate to old pre-existing regulations thought out for the traditional off-line world, complex issues arising from applying/adapting those regulations, and the fierce resistance of traditional local stakeholders already present in the market. Being supported by an expert law firm in the new collaborative economy is a key factor of success.

If you are a company in the digital economy MATEAS ABOGADOS and its expert lawyers, will:

  • Advise on the countries in which you could be subject to licensing regulations and/or other administrative requirements that may limit your online service offering.
  • Assist you in raising your institutional profile
  • Advise you regarding your rights, and to take the necessary legal action to defend those rights, including in the face of unfair competition claims
  • Advise you on the risk of misclassification suits filed by your independent contractors which claim that they are employees

If you are an internet start-up of any kind, don´t wait until it is too late to get expert legal advice on the conclusion of agreements with co-founders and IP issues and consult  MATEAS ABOGADOS. The agreements you reach (or do not reach) today may compromise your future success.

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